Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bounce Bar - Holborn

So last Friday I went to a bar around the corner from Chancery Lane station near where I work. I'd never been before but I wish I had, it's so cool!

The main room in the venue is huge and jam packed with ping-pong tables. We didn't aim to go there because we wanted to play, but I'm so tempted to go back and have a game or two. All I can say is luckily enough ping-pong balls are light because they were flying everywhere and if you go you will get hit with one eventually. I lost count of how many times we had them hit us/bounce across our table or into my drink.

We only had one quick drink but it was a really cool experience being surrounded by everyone playing. I can't say much about there drinks other then the lychee martini I ordered. I am a proper sucker for lychee martini's, I even make them at home. And Bounce Bar makes them well so I recommend going and having one!


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