Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tame that frizz girl!

I always look at those girls with natural wavy hair and think, how the hell do they keep it so perfect?? It doesn't seem fair when I wash my hair and leave it to dry naturally I get one half of my head goes really curly and the other half goes frizzy and flat. Why can't it all be perfect and curly?

Over the years I have gone through fazes were I put loads of effort and time in my hair (curling/straightening it every day) but that time has been and gone now, I just want quick easy solutions to this mop of hair I have. So I've tried a few different techniques, some are a bit more effort then others but for now I will show you two of the low effort ones with completely different curls...

Umberto Giannini curl defining mousse

The first is using curl holding/anti-frizz mousse called Umberto Giannini Curl Friends - Shapely Curls Defining Mousse which I spotted when I was having a mooch around Boots and it seemed to have some great reviews. I've always been worried about using mousse as I always picture it as turning out being really crusty and sticky but thankfully this mousse wasn't like that.

I wasn't too sure how much to use first of all as I have long hair, so I just put it on bit by bit until it felt like I had some hold on my curls. Overall it does what it says on the tin, it gives your curls a bit of hold while making them less frizzy without getting crusty hair syndrome. I think if I tried it next time though I wouldn't scrunch it so much...I think were my hair is long it drags the curl down so the roots to mid-length of my hair aren't really curly, but the ends go super curly. So that's what I'll be trying next so keep and eye out for next time!

Also I wanted to quickly mention my all time favorite hair product, Argan Plus by Unique. I use it every time I wash my hair and maybe once in between if the ends of my hair are looking dry. I would recommend it to anyone who has dry/damaged hair, it instantly adds shine, smells great and makes your hair super soft.

Soft natural looking curls

This next technique I discovered by accident when I was roughly blow drying my hair. I sectioned my hair/twisted it then clipped it up, and when I let it down it looked really nice! So I went with it and tried it with all my hair and it ended up being me great natural looking soft curls.

To do this I blow dried my hair as I said, drying the roots properly and the mid-lengths to ends so they are almost dry but not 100%. Then you take small sections of your hair and twist and pin up out of the way for the next one. And it's as easy as that! Depending on how strong you want the curls to be, leave them pinned up either for a few hours or over night. Once you take them down you will look a bit like Medusa but don't panic! Untwist your hair and run your fingers through it etc just to rough it up and get it out of the twist shapes. You may or may not want to make some bits more perfect using curlers but I don't bother.

Once your hairs all pinned up:

After you have untwisted your hair:

Have you tried any of these products/techniques? What were your opinions on the results? Do you have any products/techniques you would recommend I try?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!



  1. As someone who has quite difficult hair (frizzy and wavy), I should probably do more to look after it. But I get a bit lazy. I find that Aussie products work wonders on my hair though!

    1. Your hair looks gorgeous to me! But yeah I agree, I don't think I've ever been disappointed with Aussie products. x

  2. I have frizzy hair all the time of the year! it's so annoying!
    Thanks for all your tips :)


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