Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Monthly roundup #1

I love December, I think like most people it's my favourite month of the year. Not just for Christmas Day but for everything leading up to and after it! 

I've eaten a lot of yummy food this month and i'm really starting to see the results of it. So I guess I will have to start going to the gym in January (that's what they all say) but I'm really hoping I stick to it. Earlier this month I went to a great event called 'Night Tales' near Old Street Station which you can find out more in the post I did here. But it was a great way to start December, they cover the place in fairy lights and have some great twists on the classic mulled wine as well as plenty of stools of incredible food which isn't to be missed. 

I also had a nice catch up with the girls, we don't always get to meet up very often as me and my other friend work in London full time and the other two are outside London (one studying in Nottingham and the other working in Cambridge). So when we do get to see each other as a group its almost always over some yummy grub and we can spend hours chatting.

Another highlight to this month is obviously all the work Christmas events, after working hard all year its one of the things I really look forward to. We had our team Christmas lunch at the Red Dog Saloon which was amazing! (You can find my post about it here) Obviously we all ate way too much but it was worth it. Then we got back to the office to give out the secret santa which I got a beauty asos necklace and the Christmas raffle where I won a cute little hamper bag of jams/mustard/chocolate. And it doesn't stop there! Then we had a Christmas feast catered in the office and some delicious cocktails before moving onto a venue the company had booked with a photobooth (I took soooo many prints it's ridiculous) so it was a really jam packed day but one to remember!

I also did some Christmasy things myself! Me and Alex had a little mooch around Winter Wonderland (you can find the post here) drunk some mulled wine, played some games and went on some rides and he even won me a giant minion! There was a great band playing there as well which was called Disco Flames I think? If you are looking to hire a really upbeat and fun band definitely look into them! 

Apart from all of that we had a chilled Christmas at home with a lot of drink and food, the way it should be (you can find the post here). The only problem was I was in agony from my wisdom tooth so I could hardly eat anything and once I started my antibiotics I couldn't drink either! But I'm feel much better now so I can have all the Christmas leftovers which is just as good. 

Hope you all had a lovely December too, I'd love to know what you all got up to! 

What did you get up to in December? What was the highlight of your month? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Monday, 29 December 2014

NYE Dining Guide

I always get stuck for places to go on New Year's Eve. I'm still in a chilled mood from Christmas but I want to do something and then I leave it until the last minute and panic. I'm sure I'm not alone in this so here is a guide to NYE dining/events 2015!

The Crazy Bear - from £49.50pp

It's probably one of my favorite bar/restaurants (even if it is a bit pricey) but it ticks all the boxes for me. Elegant, great cocktails, lovely food, great service and cosy downstairs bar/lounge. And for NYE they are doing a champagne reception and a great tasting menu accompanied with live entertainment (burlesque and magic) and music. I've never been to The Crazy Bear for New Year's Eve but if it's anything like it is on a normal day (or better) then I promise you will have a great night and I personally want to go to this one.
I've never been to Proud Cabaret City before but I have been to something very similar by The Black Cat and I really enjoyed it. If you want a fun evening with a bit of glam then this is your thing. From my experience you're paying more for the acts then the food so don't expect the meal to blow you away but the show may! 

Proud Cabaret City describes the night as a three course meal with "burlesque, fire and circus performers plus many more surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat in amazement!" followed by a DJ and dancing until 4am.

The Broadway House - from £60pp

I think this one may be my favorite so far? I've never been here before but by the looks of it the reviews are good and the place looks really nice (first impressions are good) It's not the most expensive which is a plus, you start the night off with a champagne reception, it has live entertainment like cabaret and DJ's and a 4 course meal for £60.

And if you want a bit more you can bump your ticket up to the Dinner & Dance which adds entry to Broadway House & Roof Terraces (which has a silent disco) as well as unlimited house spirits/beer/wine (they also mention about "countless cocktail teapots") and a breakfast feast at 3am! All of the above for £170.

The same as you can have the dinner ticket separate you can also buy the party ticket separate which includes everything apart from replacing the meal with a canapĂ© reception for £150.

Buddha Bar - £250pp

I know I know, it's expensive. But it all depends on what you looking for. They promise a dazzling production with live entertainment and surprises throughout the evening as well as dancers and DJ Stan Kolev. And don't forget the free cocktail on arrival, 4 course dinner and wine pairing as well as champagne for the midnight toast. 

I think the hope is for that price it will be an amazing night, especially as they tease you by saying "surprises throughout the evening" so like anything it's a chance. But on the other hand you are getting the entertainment, free cocktail and champagne as well as the 4 course dinner with wine pairing for £250 and if you look at the normal menu it's not cheap so you can see how it's added up.

Beach Blanket Babylon Notting Hill - from £65pp

This is the only place i've eaten at for New Year's Eve and it was really nice! There wasn't any entertainment like the other event above (and there doesn't seem to be this year either) but if you're looking for that luxury feel this is a good place to start. The decor is slightly different in each room but consistent with the glam/chic look and once you are seated for dinner downstairs it's all very dim lit and romantic so a great place to take your special lady!


Saturday, 27 December 2014

2015 Calendars

A new year means a new calendar to hang!

I've found a selection of the most beautiful and unique 2015 calendar for you to hang in your bedroom or office with pride. Because it needs to be perfect if it's going to hang up for a whole year!

4.  Rabbit 2015 Calendar - £12.95
7.  Cute Animal Calendar - From £8.39
9.  2015 Gold Foil Calendar - From £29.63
10.  Perpetual Calendar - £21.00
12.  2015 Poster Calendar - £17.78
14.  2015 Mini Calendar - £6.59

Have any of these court your eye? Do you have a favorite?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Christmas Day

It's now Boxing day, Christmas day just went too fast!

I really think Christmas should be a few days or even a week. After all, you do all that shopping and preparing and it's only for one day. I want to keep on being Christmasy for a few days but after Christmas day it all starts to die down. And especially this Christmas because I've been in pain the past few days and haven't been able to eat hardly anything and we have so much yummy food :( *little sad violin playing*

But apart from that it's been a really nice chilled day with my mum and Alex. We had a bit of a lay in like a bunch of old granny's but as soon as we go up it was straight to the Christmas tree. Me and Alex got my mum a bit of an odd present because she didn't know what to get us and she didn't have any ideas so we agreed to go for a small one. Soooo...I got her a bottle of plum infused sake and Alex got her a cheese grater because for the past few weeks she's been going on about her grater that's gone missing. After questioning everyone she seemed to think Alex had hidden it somewhere and it became a bit of a joke. So she found her new shiny cheese grater pretty damn funny.

Me and Alex didn't know what we wanted either so we set a budget, dropped some hints and winged it. And I think it worked! He seemed pretty happy with his batman dressing gown, dvd's, dragon ball z figure and other little bits. And I got the Dot Marc Jacobs perfume which smells so good and it's called Dot! And a mixture of little bits like a santa mug, headphone ear muffs, sweets. So I'm super chuffed and thankful for my lovely presents and for someone that had no idea what they wanted for Christmas Alex did really well.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too and I'd love to hear what you did!

What did you do for Christmas? Do you have a favorite present you gave or received? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a minute to say Merry Christmas!

I started blogging at the start of November 2014 and I've loved it ever since. The best part is the amazing support the blogging community gives and the lovely people that follow my blog. There have been so many times lovely bloggers have given me advice and help to improve my blog or to help get it out there and I really appreciate it all.

And a massive thank you to the lovely people that have followed me on my blogging journey! Even if only one person enjoys my posts it's a great feeling and I hope to continue blogging and for you to continue reading :)

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and have lots of yummy food and drink!


Winter Wonderland

Me and Alex have been meaning to go to Winter Wonderland together for the past 4 years but we just never seemed to get around to it! We've always been busy in the past either spending Christmas with family, going on holiday for Christmas or just unlucky that one of us is working. So it was so nice to be able to finally go with him and get in the festive mood on Christmas Eve.

Of course we knew it would be busy but it seemed worth it, and to be honest after you've been on a few rides you couldn't care less about the crowds. I wouldn't recommend coming here for the rides though, as you can expect they're really overpriced, some of them 7 tokens (£7). But we went on one or two of the cheaper ones like the mirror maze and the bumper cars and it was fun so who cares!

And you can't go to Winter Wonderland without having some mulled wine to warm you up in the chilly winter night. We grabbed a cup and sat around these big open fires they had around the bars which it said you could roast marshmallows in? Didn't see any marshmallows though.. But there was a great band playing called Disco Flames. It was all about the groovy upbeat tunes that really got everyone into a great mood and there was some funky dancing going on as well.

To make the night even better, before we left Alex won on one of the game stools and got me a giant minion!

Have you visited Winter Wonderland this year? What's your favorite part?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wrapped and ready

I finally managed to get around to wrapping all my presents, the day before Christmas...

I really need to get more organised for Christmas next year, I always feel like it comes around so fast and I want to make the most of the season. To go present shopping and for it not to be rushed and get really creative with gifts but there just never seems to be the time when it comes to it. I think especially as you grow up presents can get more difficult as you make your own money and most things that you want you buy for yourself so when it comes to Christmas you don't have many ideas. Or maybe that's just me.

This Christmas feels special for me though. I have the best of both worlds this year with my boyfriend staying at mine so I get to spend Christmas with my family and him. That's always the worst part when you have to run around at Christmas trying to squeeze in time with all the family when really you just want to sit in your pyjamas all day eating and drinking.

So Alex went Christmas food shopping with my mum the other day and got lots of delicious looking bits. And I was so excited to spend the day (or the next few) eating it all with not a care in the world. But typical of my luck I started having some trouble with my wisdom teeth last night and since then it's got worse and now the left side of my face is swollen. So it looks like now I won't be able to eat any of the food we go for Christmas! Probably the worse thing that could have happened to me as I see food as a main part of Christmas. Fingers crossed it will magically get better by tomorrow so I can have my Christmas dinner. You never know, it could be a Christmas miracle :)

How organised are you at Christmas? What's your favorite part of Christmas? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Tuesday, 23 December 2014


This December I took part in the 'A Piece Of Viola' Gift Swap that the lovely Viola from organised for Christmas.

The idea was that you got partnered up with another blogger (you could request a blogger similar to you or to be paired at random) that you get to know and read their blog, and from this get ideas for gifts for each other!

I was paired up with the lovely Meg from and after chatting a bit and getting to know what we both like and would normally go for we planned a budget of £20 including postage.

I'm probably not the easiest person to buy for, I only stick to basic makeup, I don't really use bath bombs and pamper products very much (even though I do love going into Lush), I'm picky with perfume and I normally like the more unusual things. So for Meg to be able to get it right with this awesome robot lunch box pleasantly surprised me! And the little chocolate santa was a bonus :)

If you like the look of it and fancy ordering one yourself you can find it here at John Lewis.

Did you take part in Viola's #apovgiftswap? Who did you pair up with and what did you get/give?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Christmas Giveaway - Winner revealed!

After a great turn around for my first ever giveaway (117 entries in total!) I'm pleased to announce the lucky winner!

The winner is ....... Lily Doyle from Pint Sized Beauty!!

Congratulations Lily! I will be contacting you on twitter and once I have your address I will be sending you prizes off.

What would everyone like to see in the next giveaway? Make-up? Gadgets? Homeware? And what giveaway mandatory entry conditions put you off most? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!

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