Saturday, 20 December 2014

Meat lovers heaven - Red Dog Saloon

Anyone that loves American bbq needs to visit the Red Dog Saloon. With 14 bulging burgers to choose from, an incredible selection of hot wings and tender slow cooked meat off the bone. You will definitely leave satisfied.

I went there for the first time on Friday for a team lunch and I was so exciting after seeing the menu and pictures of there food. The restaurant is in a wooden cabin style with cosy little booths, animal skulls and horns decorating the walls. We were seated on a long refurbished wooden table and left to drool over the menu before our waitress come over to take our drinks orders. She was a great help and seemed to know the menu well when I asked her about the cocktails and she helped me decide on a one which was a great choice.

The cocktail I got was the Long Island Iced Tea which was delicious, you couldn't really taste the alcohol but I think that may have been because of the ingredients masking it. But it was a great refreshing drink to compliment the heavy meat dishes.

We then moved onto the starters, ordering the Sharing Platter that includes mozzarella sticks, fried catfish, wings & jalapeno poppers and comes with sour cream and chives, a weird twist on salsa and blue cheese drip which was amazing. The mozzarella sticks oozed with stringy melted cheese and the jalapeno poppers were stuffed with cream cheese which was to die for. I was worried I would fill up on the starters and miss out on the best part, the mains. But the Sharing Platter wasn't too heavy and left a good space in your belly for more meat.

Then for the best bit! We ordered the slow pit cooked brisket with a side of bbq beans and mac & cheese with bacon and The Punisher burger with a side of fries. Don't worry this wasn't all for me, it was shared between two people so we would have a bit of each to get a good all round taster of the menu. 

The Punisher burger was incredible, massive in size and taste. I would have gone for The Devastator as I prefered the sound of the toppings but that was just a ridiculous size. The Punisher was delicious though, 16 hour smoked pork butt, applewood smoked bacon & American cheese. The pork butt (not sure how I feel about eating pork butt though) but it was just melt in your mouth amazing. 

The brisket came as a huge portion and was so tender it just fell apart as we tried to half it. It went really well with the sauce in the brown bottle which our waitress once again recommended to us, I think it was some kind of house special bbq sauce. The sides were surprising good as well, the bbq beans were really strong smoky sweet bbq and the mac & cheese with bacon was really creamy. 

I really wouldn't be able to say what I prefered out of everything I tried as it was all so yummy and different! The wings were great, crispy skin but soft meat and the option of Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q, Original Buffalo and Sweet & Sticky Mustard Glazed. I really enjoyed the burger, probably one of the best burgers I've ever had so far. The brisket was so tender and smoky, what's not to love? And the jalapeno poppers were perfection in my opinion. 

Overall I would say this is a must go if you're starving for some tasty American bbq, just remember to wear stretchy pants!

Have you been to the Red Dog Saloon? What did you think? Anything on the menu you would recommend? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


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