Monday, 26 January 2015

Inspiring work spaces

One of the things i'm most excited about because me and Alex are moving out is decorating our new home. And because we have a spare room i'm finally going to have my own studio which I can make my own. Obviously I've been perving over all the gorgeous home decor and interior design images on Pinterest and here are some of my favorites that i'm hoping to take inspiration from for my studio!

Image by Amy at

Amy did a great post on her new work space that can be found here. She includes some great pictures of her new beautiful office and a lot of the things you can see and love are made by her! She was even kind enough to label her DIY decor pieces and give her readers a step by step of how to create them yourselves - so go take a look if you love anything in this image! I know I will be trying out some of these great ideas for my home.

Image by Sarah at

Sarah had the great idea of making a large wall of her studio into a chalkboard which is perfect for any creatives needing a space to pin up ideas/swatches/inspiration/notes and i'm tempted to give this a go myself! Sarah's blog is at the top of my reads at the moment because of the huge amount of home inspiration as well as some great DIY posts. You can check out her post about her chalk board wall here.

Image by Carol and Eva at

This office space really caught my eye because I love storage ideas (especially the combination of big and tiny draws for all your stationery). The way the desk and wall are fluid looks great in this space and the surrounding elements like the wooden chair legs and flooring. Carol and Eva are really talented DIY fanatics and have some must read content on their blog for anyone looking to try something a bit funky with their rooms. And even better they go into such depth in their DIY posts which makes it so much easier to understand and recreate yourself! You can find the post for this DIY work space here.

Image by Mandy at

I spotted this fantastic work space on Pinterest the other day and I just couldn't stop looking at it. It's such a brilliant ideas for your desk area! The way you can Mandy has created all these little shelves/baskets for specific uses and that they all work together on the wall in harmony is beautiful. She doesn't go into a lot of depth into how she did this great DIY but she is very attentive at replying to comments and questions so she has mentioned where she got most of the supplies from in the comments of this post. If you would like to check out Mandy's awesome DIY pegboard click here.

(Please note that the images used in this post are not mine and all sources have been added below the image)



  1. These all look amazing! xxx especially the first one with all the cute boxes! :)

    love, Charline

  2. I'm in the process of doing my own spare room and making it into a home office - completely in love with that last image and think it'll go with the walls (which i've painted a Dulux intrepic cave - what a name!!!)

    Let us know what you end up doing!

    Alina x
    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  3. Wow I love these work spaces, so lovely! I'd love to have my own desk area look like any of these!
    Hannah x


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