Monday, 23 February 2015

Our first place

Hi everyone!

So you may have seen on Twitter over the past few weeks about me banging on about me and Alex moving out together into our first place. It all a bit weird (but amazing) because this is the first time i've moved out because I didn't go to university so i've never had that experience until now. And i'll be honest, I love Alex to bits but I was so worried I was going to kill him if we was living in the same house and around each other all the time. But you will be happy to know he is alive and well and I don't have to worry about prison.

It definitely hasn't been perfect or something I would want to do on a regular basis - moving is bloody stressful! And other people that are involved (ie the landlord and estate agents) don't make the situation any easier. Initially it was annoying things like the landlord taking ages to get back to the agent with replies and then promises that were never kept (like cleaning the house). But once we got our stuff in the place and managed to unpack everything, which took about a week, the excitement of our first place took over and we forgot about all the annoying things...for a while.

We got a bit stumped at one point though. I got to a stage of unpacking when I realised I desperately needed furniture to put my stuff in! So for a few days we couldn't go any further because we had nowhere to put all our crap. But I researched some local second hand furniture shops and we managed to get some fantastic bargains...but I will go into that in more detail in my second hand furniture post coming very soon!

After just over three weeks I feel like we've finally settled into our new home. The reason it's taken so long is after being in our new place for just over a week a random man came along and put a rock through our front window! To make things worse it took 7 phone calls and 2 emails before the police finally came around. I was fuming at how they treated the incident and the only reason anything was eventually done was because I sent an email of complaint to the chief of police at the local station. And to make things even worse the landlord had the cheek to refuse to put the criminal damage on his insurance and wants us to pay for the damage! Not the best start really.

But were trying to look past it now and get on with enjoying our first place together!

What have your experiences of renting been? Any advice for dealing with bad landlords/estate agents?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!



  1. My boyfriend and a friend of his all moved in together in October and honestly it can be so stressful, especially the bloody estate agents! I'm so sorry to hear about your damage but I'm glad you're getting on well apart from that :) I will definitely be checking out buying some second hand furniture too!

    Catherine xx

    1. Yeah it can be so stressful! But not doing it alone really helps, I don't think I could deal with this on my own...
      And yeah definitely look into some second hand furniture :) it's fun just looking around to be honest.

      Danielle x


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