Saturday, 28 March 2015

Raw Super Seed Spread

I have a nut allergy and the last time I tried peanut butter I was about 3 years old and that's when we discovered my allergy (apparently I really loved it as well which is annoying). So I can't remember what peanut butter tastes like and i've always wanted something that's an equivalent for me to chuck on some toast when i'm feeling peckish. Then I found they do different types of nut/seed spreads, so I thought why not give them a try.

This is my first try of seed spread so i'm not going to base my love/hate on the first product I try, especially as this product is primarily a healthy spread.

I tried this super seed spread on some toast and my first thought was that it tasted really strong of pumpkin seeds, far more than I expected. This spread does have other seeds in it but the pumpkin flavor really overpowers the rest and because of that it's quite bitter. After reading the ingredients I noticed the reason it is probably so bitter is because it doesn't contain any salt, sugar or butter. I wasn't expecting it to have a lot because it's a healthy spread but I didn't realise it didn't have any. So I put a bit of honey on top to cover the bitter flavor a bit more and it definitely helped but I just don't think it's for me.

But if you love the taste of pumpkin seeds then this could be for you! You can find it in your local Holland and Barrett for £3.35 or online here.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Jazz up your toasties

Ham, soft goats cheese and spinach toasty

I always thought of toasties as being really boring before I tried a grilled cheese from Morty & Bob's at the Night Tales event, you can find my post on the event here.

Since then i've tried using ingredients I would have never tried in a toasty before (I would have never thought about seasoning a toasty for example). You can easily get stuck in the boring circle where you eat the same things over and over again without thinking about mixing it up. Sounds silly but I would never have thought about using anything but cheddar in a toasty...I can't be the only one.

So here are some great ideas to jazz up your toasties!

-  Bacon, maple syrup, egg and cheddar
-  Brie, chocolate and basil leaves
-  Banana and peanut butter
-  Bacon, cheddar, guacamole and tortilla chips
-  Cream cheese, blue cheese, chicken and tabasco
-  Brie, grape, avocado and cream cheese
-  Mozzarella, prosciutto, red peppers and balsamic vinegar
-  Sun-dried tomatoes, basil leaves, aubergines, goats cheese and spinach
-  Tuna, onion, jalapenos and cheddar

I don't know about you but reading this has made me start drooling - I'm off to make a toasty!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any favorites? Any great toasty filling ideas you know of that aren't on here? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gift's for Mum under £50

Stuck for idea's of what to get your special mum for Mother's Day? You don't have to worry because i've found a great selection of gifts to suit any mum!

4.  Antique Brass Glass Frame - £12.95
5.  Portobello Rose Kindle Case - £16.00
6.  Portobello Rose Recipe Box - £8.00
7.  ‘Gin' Tea Cup And Saucer - £34.00
8.  Teacup And Saucer Bird Feeder - £13.50
9.  Mini Herb Garden - £19.99
10.  Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit - £10.00
11.  Kindle eReader - £49.00

Loves to read?

Why not surprise her with a Kindle for £49! You could load all of her favorite books onto it and remember you can download a selection of the classics for free. But maybe she has a kindle already, that's fine though because you can get her a really pretty kindle cover for £16.00

Loves to cook?

Maybe she likes to experiment with her cooking - great! How about a cute recipe box for £8.00 and you could start it off by putting some recipes she's always wanted to try or ones you think she may like to give a go in it. Alternatively you could get the mini herb garden for £19.99 which is also a nice decoration for the kitchen window. 

Something more traditional?

Maybe your mum loves flowers or maybe you want to go for a safer gift option. Why not give flower pressing a go and put your personal arrangement into the antique brass glass frame for £12.95 - it's unique and a great gift on a budget! Or you could get the vintage glass bottles with fresh flowers for £30 if you have more money and less time to spend. 

Need some quality time?

Don't get to spend much quality time with your mum now you've moved out? Why not treat her to a champagne cinema evening at a luxury hotel for only £32.35 or a spa retreat and afternoon tea for two for £39


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Easy Meals #1 - Sweet and Spicy Chicken Dish

Me and Alex have been making a lot of meals up as we go along recently and they are starting to turn out really well so we thought why not share them for you to try!

Not including spices/seasoning this meal cost us around £8 for two people and it was really filling and tasty.

Estimated cooking time: 35-40 minutes


- Chicken Fillets 
- Baby Spinach 
- Baby Sweet Peppers 
- Goats Cheese 
- Soft Goats Cheese (optional)
- Small Red Onions 
- Sweet Potato 
- Lazy Garlic
- Hot Peri Peri Sauce (but you can use any chilli sauce you like really!)
- Thyme
- Honey
- Cinnamon

Remember these are just guidelines so if you like lots of something put more of it in!


1.  Get everything prepared! Pop the oven on so it can start heating up. Then chop up your red onions (I did 2 baby sized ones), scoop out the seeds from your baby peppers (I used half a bag) and chop your sweet potato (I used 1 and sliced it into O shapes then chopped them in half to create the chunky wedge shapes).

2.  Stuff your baby peppers with some spinach and a chunk of goats cheese and put them to the side for later. 

3.  Lets get the first things on the baking tray - put a thin layer of oil on the tray (I normally pore a small amount on then rub it over all the tray) then spread your chopped onions on the tray along with your chopped sweet potato and season your sweet potato with some cinnamon, garlic and honey. Then pop your chicken fillets on the tray and season with some thyme, garlic, hot peri peri sauce and a little honey. 

4.  Put this in the oven for around 20 minutes, depending on how thick you've cut your potato it may take a little longer. 

5.  Check on your chicken and sweet potato (stab the potato to see how hard it is and cut open the chicken to see how pink it is) then put your stuffed baby peppers on the tray and put it all back in the open for 10-15 minutes.

6.  Almost there! Now check on your potatoes and chicken again and if everything is looking done now is the time to spread some spinach on top of everything on the tray (a little or a lot depending on how much you love spinach) and back in the oven it goes for about 5 minutes.

7.  Now you can take everything out and sit it down to rest for a minute. I put some soft goats cheese on my chicken but that's not a must (I just love goats cheese!). And you're done!

Hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing what you think!


Friday, 6 March 2015

Blogs I'm loving right now

I love reading other blogs, in fact that's why I started blogging myself because I enjoyed reading others so much. So here are a few blogs i'm really into at the moment and if you're not following them you really should be!

D is for dangerous

I recently discovered D is for dangerous while flicking through Bloglovin and i'm hooked. The first thing you'll notice when you visit D is for dangerous is how professional it feels yet you can feel the personality throughout in the colour palettes used, great photography and the way she writes her posts. As a designer it is one of those blogs that really makes my eyes happy, it's a beautiful looking blog and every post has had care and thought put into it which makes it a pleasure to read.

Although D is for dangerous is primarily a Fashion/Beauty blog I really enjoy her lifestyle posts. My favorite so far are her 'Four Way Fringe' and 'Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries' posts, so check her out or miss out!

A Little Opulent

I found A Little Opulent which is an online lifestyle magazine through following From Roses and it is probably one of my favorite to have a quick read when i'm laying in bed or on the way to work because it has such a wide range of content. It's a great source for inspiration and the contributors and subjects covered are all very different so there is always something for everyone on it. I don't think I could even pick a favorite post because there is so much rich content! All I can say is this blog is a must have on the your Bloglovin follow list.

Wonder Forest

I found Wonder Forest through a Tweet I saw promoting the book '365 Blog Topic Ideas' which I bought in the end and you can see my review of it here. I couldn't believe how many great advice posts were on Wonder Forest! Honestly, anything you're wondering about running a business, starting a blog, tech or even life advice you can find it here. There are also loads of great DIY posts, one of my favorites has to be 'DIY Painted Watercolor Mug' where Dana shows you how to create a quick and easy but super cute watercolor mug of your own.

The Private Life of a Girl

This is one of my go to blogs for creative advice posts, if you ever wonder how to juggle your blog around your life, how to increase productivity, how to keep motivated and creative The Private Life of a Girl is the place to visit. It's not even just the great posts, the beautiful photography Sophie uses in her posts alone make you feel motivated to get creative on their own.

I always feel motivated to do more when I see how people are running their own businesses, a successful blog and still have a life - it's pretty impressive! And Sophie does just that, you can find her stunning jewellery here.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

First month down

I can't believe it's been a month already since me and Alex first moved in together and I didn't think I would be saying it but i've loved every moment!

That may sound a bit mean, but when you've been in a long distance relationship for 4 years it can be a bit scary being around that person all the time all of a sudden. Going from seeing each other for 2-4 days every month to seeing each other every day is a HUGE difference. But somehow it's made our relationship better and I have no explanation for it.

Being open is key

I think talking and discussing all your worries first thing really helps, as well as coming to agreements on chores and money which can cause big problems. Get it all out of the way is what i'd suggest! Things like; taking it in turns tidying, washing up, cooking. Which seems so obvious but if you don't talk about it you could end up having big fights later on about it when one of you starts to do all of it all the time. Also consider saving all receipts for food and at the end of the month add it all up and split it down the middle. Let's face it you will both be eating bit of everything you both buy so it's only fair and makes life so much easier.

Get through stress together

We haven't had the best luck in the short time we've been living together either. In the first week of moving into our house we had someone throw a rock into our window which made a lovely hole. After that we had 2 weeks of stress trying to get the police to get their butts in gear and problems with the landlord/estate agents not to mention Alex worrying about the person coming back when i'm on my own. But we went through it all and wrote up emails, researched our rights etc and when one of us was getting fed up with it the other would step in and take the load off the other. Theres only so many times you can call the council and get cut off before you say enough so you need to be ready to step in and take over when it gets too much. But it feels like we're kind of over that now and it's just an annoying thing that's happened and we've got through it together. And that's the key, get through life problems together and it will make it so much easier.

Personal space

You love being around each other but everyone needs their own little place to be alone. Mine is my office and I guess Alex's is the living room (even though he has his little man cave but he never uses it). I think its really important to have your own space where you can do your own thing; read, chill on your laptop or work. I love my office because I can decorate it how I want and Alex has no involvement in it. It's simple things like that because your bedroom is no long just yours, you can't have cute girly things everywhere because it's also a boys room so you have to compromise! 

What are the main problems you've faced living with someone? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Monthly roundup #3

So this month has had it's highs and lows; the highs being it's the first month of me and Alex living together and it's been great! The low being all the troubles we've had since we moved in. You may have heard me moaning about it on Twitter already or read it in some of my recent posts but basically we had a crazy guy that we don't know come to our new place (a week after we moved in) and put a rock through our front window). So that really put a damper on our move in and all the excitement of our first place!

But since then we've made up for it by having Alex's family over which was lovely because now Alex has moved down to Essex he won't see them very much at all because they are still living up in Gloucester. So the house felt really busy for a few days and we all sat down and had dinner so it was just really nice and felt super homey.

Then we had Valentine's Day and Pancake day this month which were pretty much excuses for us to stuff our faces with chocolate and pancakes - don't mind if I do! We did plan on going out for a meal but in the end we opted in for the lazy Valentine's at home with a pizza and dvd.

And obviously the big subject this month, 50 Shades of Grey! Which I didn't think was a bad movie... Definitely not a great film but it wasn't terrible like most people were describing it. I personally think the second and third film will be far more popular because they have more going on in the story line so thank god Jamie Dornan is staying to play Mr. Grey!

What did you get up to for Valentine's Day? What did you think of 50 Shades of Grey? 
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!

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