Friday, 6 March 2015

Blogs I'm loving right now

I love reading other blogs, in fact that's why I started blogging myself because I enjoyed reading others so much. So here are a few blogs i'm really into at the moment and if you're not following them you really should be!

D is for dangerous

I recently discovered D is for dangerous while flicking through Bloglovin and i'm hooked. The first thing you'll notice when you visit D is for dangerous is how professional it feels yet you can feel the personality throughout in the colour palettes used, great photography and the way she writes her posts. As a designer it is one of those blogs that really makes my eyes happy, it's a beautiful looking blog and every post has had care and thought put into it which makes it a pleasure to read.

Although D is for dangerous is primarily a Fashion/Beauty blog I really enjoy her lifestyle posts. My favorite so far are her 'Four Way Fringe' and 'Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries' posts, so check her out or miss out!

A Little Opulent

I found A Little Opulent which is an online lifestyle magazine through following From Roses and it is probably one of my favorite to have a quick read when i'm laying in bed or on the way to work because it has such a wide range of content. It's a great source for inspiration and the contributors and subjects covered are all very different so there is always something for everyone on it. I don't think I could even pick a favorite post because there is so much rich content! All I can say is this blog is a must have on the your Bloglovin follow list.

Wonder Forest

I found Wonder Forest through a Tweet I saw promoting the book '365 Blog Topic Ideas' which I bought in the end and you can see my review of it here. I couldn't believe how many great advice posts were on Wonder Forest! Honestly, anything you're wondering about running a business, starting a blog, tech or even life advice you can find it here. There are also loads of great DIY posts, one of my favorites has to be 'DIY Painted Watercolor Mug' where Dana shows you how to create a quick and easy but super cute watercolor mug of your own.

The Private Life of a Girl

This is one of my go to blogs for creative advice posts, if you ever wonder how to juggle your blog around your life, how to increase productivity, how to keep motivated and creative The Private Life of a Girl is the place to visit. It's not even just the great posts, the beautiful photography Sophie uses in her posts alone make you feel motivated to get creative on their own.

I always feel motivated to do more when I see how people are running their own businesses, a successful blog and still have a life - it's pretty impressive! And Sophie does just that, you can find her stunning jewellery here.


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  1. I love finding new blogs to follow. Thank you for the recommendations x


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