Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gift's for Mum under £50

Stuck for idea's of what to get your special mum for Mother's Day? You don't have to worry because i've found a great selection of gifts to suit any mum!

4.  Antique Brass Glass Frame - £12.95
5.  Portobello Rose Kindle Case - £16.00
6.  Portobello Rose Recipe Box - £8.00
7.  ‘Gin' Tea Cup And Saucer - £34.00
8.  Teacup And Saucer Bird Feeder - £13.50
9.  Mini Herb Garden - £19.99
10.  Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit - £10.00
11.  Kindle eReader - £49.00

Loves to read?

Why not surprise her with a Kindle for £49! You could load all of her favorite books onto it and remember you can download a selection of the classics for free. But maybe she has a kindle already, that's fine though because you can get her a really pretty kindle cover for £16.00

Loves to cook?

Maybe she likes to experiment with her cooking - great! How about a cute recipe box for £8.00 and you could start it off by putting some recipes she's always wanted to try or ones you think she may like to give a go in it. Alternatively you could get the mini herb garden for £19.99 which is also a nice decoration for the kitchen window. 

Something more traditional?

Maybe your mum loves flowers or maybe you want to go for a safer gift option. Why not give flower pressing a go and put your personal arrangement into the antique brass glass frame for £12.95 - it's unique and a great gift on a budget! Or you could get the vintage glass bottles with fresh flowers for £30 if you have more money and less time to spend. 

Need some quality time?

Don't get to spend much quality time with your mum now you've moved out? Why not treat her to a champagne cinema evening at a luxury hotel for only £32.35 or a spa retreat and afternoon tea for two for £39



  1. How cute is that bird feeder?! What a lovely gift selection! x

    1. It's adorable isn't it! And not bad price wise either.

      Danielle x

  2. The afternoon tea sounds great. Some excellent choices - something for every mum! Stephen :o)

  3. thanks for the inspiration! my mom's birthday is up soon :)


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