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Travel Tips - Guilin (China part 3)

This is the third part to my China travel tips, you can find the first part here for Beijing and the second part here for Xi'an.
I can't say a huge amount for Guilin because I was only there for a day and a half, but it is a beautiful place and a great change from the busy city!

Expect to come across any of these in China:

- People can spit a lot, especially the older generations.
- Don't expect many western toilets in public areas, most will be squatting loos.
- Remember to take toilet paper in your bag everywhere, a lot of public toilets don't have them.
- They won't smile back at you, it's nothing to do with you, but the Chinese don't smile at strangers.
- A lot of your normal sites will be blocked in China, for example Facebook and Google.
Don't be afraid to haggle, it's amazing how much they are willing to reduce the price by. I was told that you find on average they double the price of things for foreigners.

Guilin Specifically:

- The landscape here is beautiful, it's the main reason to go if nothing else!

- I didn't get sick at all on my whole trip so just be sensible with food and you should be fine.

- We went on the Li River cruise which is about 3/4 hours long? Seems like a very long time but you do have lunch on the boat and the views as you go down the river are beautiful. So if you love taking photos this will be a great activity for you!

- After arriving at the end of the Li River cruise you can walk through the Yangshuo in Guilin which is an ancient city with famous bar streets surrounded by hills. Another great place to have a drink and do a bit of cheap souvenir shopping.

- I would also recommend visiting the Guilin Tea Research Institute for a quick tour and traditional tea ceremony. You get shown the huge tea farm and different teas are explained to you, I learn so much about tea when I thought it was so simple. Then you are taken to the main building and shown how they cook the tea leaves and are then taken to a room for the traditional tea ceremony. You get to try 3/4 different types of tea so it's a great way to find the type you like so you can take a nice souvenir back as well as the correct way to brew and drink tea.

- Lastly we visited Elephant Trunk Hill which is a natural limestone hill with a naturally-shaped cave at the bottom which the locals found looked like an elephant trunk drinking from the river. And the very close by Fubo Hill which part of it is home to the Returned Pearl Cave which has over 200 Buddha images are etched into the walls, some are over 1000 years old!

- Another great place to visit if you like natural wonders is The Reed Flute Cave for it's beautiful collection of stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars. It takes about an hour to walk through the cave so if you're not up for a little walking it may not be for you.

(Li River cruise)

(Snake wine they offer you on the Li River cruise - I think it's meant to be similar to 'fire water') 

(Li River cruise)

(Yangshuo in Guilin)

(Guilin Tea Research Institute)

(Guilin Tea Research Institute - Tea ceremony)

(The Reed Flute Cave)

Have you visited Guilin before? Would you recommend any other places to visit? Any questions about my experience in Guilin?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!



  1. The Reed Flute Cave just looks stunning! It's so interesting to read about different cultures and mannerisms too, I would never have known about the 'not smiling at strangers' custom. Great guide! x

    1. It really is beautiful :) definitely something you need to see if you go to Guilin! Glad you enjoyed the post Laura :)

      Danielle x

  2. I just found you in the lbloggers chat, and I followed because of these China posts! Wow it looks amazing! I've just travelled Japan and now I think China is on my list!

  3. Hi Rachael! Thanks so much for checking out my blog :) glad you enjoyed my China trip posts!
    I'd love to go to Japan myself, it's been top of the list since I was little! Always promised to go with my best friend as we were both obsessed with anime and Japan in general. Where in Japan did you go?

    Danielle x


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