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Tips & Tricks: Revising

It's that time of the year and everyone is stressing about exams and all their finals coming up and I know how stressful it can be! So heres some revision tips I found helped me when my brain just wasn't taking it in.


One of the things I found the most difficult about revising was remembering all of it! I understood it but I just couldn't remember it all which was so frustrating. One of the techniques I ended up using a lot when I was doing exams was writing down things I just couldn't remember over and over again. And when I mean over and over again I would literally have a notebook with the quotes/facts/formulas written again and again on each page. It may sound silly to some people but it really helped me! I think the reason it worked so well for me is because it was 'visual memory' and 'muscle memory' which I guess as a more creative person its the easier way for my brain to soak up information.

Post it!

I wouldn't even be able to guess the amount of post-it notes I went through while revising. All those poor trees...but those little trees really helped me big time! I'd write small bit of information on each post-it (it has to be small concise bits of information so it's easy to take in) and I would stick them up everywhere. Especially places that I would sit and chill out, so in the bedroom or living room. And after a while your brain starts picking up the information you see in your peripheral without you even realising. Revising without even knowing it - perfect! 


A lot of people use this trick for spelling (it's the only way I managed to remember how to spell beautiful when I was younger). But you can use it to remember anything really! If you have a set of dates you need to remember for History for example you just need to give it a bit of a tune that you can sing in your head and bobs your uncle. By adding a repetitive tune to information it really helps you to remember information quicker. Think about it - all the songs that you know all the words to. So apply the idea to your revision!

Make it fun

One of the things that holds us all back is how bloody boring revising is! But it doesn't have to be boring and horrible! If you feel like you take information in easier when it's visual why not try making some art out of your revision? So gather your quotes or key bits of information and create a collage. Create a poster of pretty hand lettering with watercolours/marker pens or create a typography poster from fonts you love. As you're doing it you will be looking at your notes a lot and your brain will take it all in. Once you're done, put your art up! Visually interesting things are far easier to remember then boring text books. 

Eliminate Distractions

Have a think of what distracts you the most, for me it would have to be my phone, laptop and tv. So get rid of them! Grab all your distractions and put them away until you're done because if they are in easy distance you'll find yourself using them without realising and it will slow you down. I've heard some extremes that people deactivate their Facebook and other social media accounts until their exams are done. But if it works for you then why not! 

Support each other

If you feel yourself struggling then team up with a friend and help each other. Theres nothing better than supporting eachother when your both stressing out and sometimes some human company when you're locked away revising does some good. If you can imagine yourself getting distracted by company then set a plan together before you meet up for your revision session. Make a list of what you want to go through, things you need to test each other on etc and stick to it.

I really hope some of these tips help you all and I wish the best of luck to all of you doing exams at the moment! 



  1. When it comes to revision,i think its important to know what time of learner we are so we can best revise for our brain.
    But repetition and post its are universal (IM A BIG FAN OF POST ITs! I don't know how anyone can NOT use them!!) All the best for your exams hun :)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  2. Great tips! Probably I'll only have one more exam more to go before I get my master's degree (cross your fingers!). I learned some tricks over the years, but fact is that some moments or some day are just better for learning than others. On some days I have more concentration than on others. X Maar
    Travellous World | London bound while travelling the world


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