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Travel Tips - Shanghai (China part 4)

This is the last part to my China travel tips, you can find the my post on Beijing here, Xi'an here and Guilin here.
The best way to describe Shanghai is that it's the London of China. So in theory if you love London you should love Shanghai?

Expect to come across any of these in China:

- People can spit a lot, especially the older generations.
- Don't expect many western toilets in public areas, most will be squatting loos.
- Remember to take toilet paper in your bag everywhere, a lot of public toilets don't have them.
- They won't smile back at you, it's nothing to do with you, but the Chinese don't smile at strangers.
- A lot of your normal sites will be blocked in China, for example Facebook and Google.
Don't be afraid to haggle, it's amazing how much they are willing to reduce the price by. I was told that you find on average they double the price of things for foreigners.

Shanghai Specifically:

- The Yu Garden in Shanghai is famous for being one of the most beautiful gardens in China and it really is magical. The layout is thought out so well and you can tell every stone/tree/wall and window are there for a reason. It's also full of beautiful Koi fish that fill all the rivers and lakes in the garden.

- We also went down the Huangpu River which gives you great views of the famous Bund, it was nice but I wouldn't particularly plan your day around it.

- One of the main places I would recommend after visiting the Yu Garden is to have a walk around the shops surrounding it as well as a visit to the Huxinting Teahouse which is in the beautiful traditional style building with a large selection of teas (and a small selection of snacks or tea/snack combos) which overlooks the crowds below and the river that continues through to the Yu Gardens. I would say it's a must in my opinion if you're walking through!

- Shanghai is famous for it's crab, so definitely try some fresh crab while you're here!

- It's been driving me crazy because I can't remember the name of the restaurant we had dinner at on our last night in Shanghai but it was amazing! It was near the Crowne Plaza Hotel but it doesn't seem to come up on Google maps or Trip Advisor but i've found this with a lot of places in China are hard to find on the internet. But it was a really nice restaurant, very artistic with sculptures and 3D wall art around and a huge menu of delicious sounding food. We ordered the soft crab meat, bruised pork in some sweet bbq style sauce and this cold chicken that was covered in a sweet liqueur? It was honestly the best meal I have had in a long time.

(Yu Garden)

(Yu Garden)

(Boat ride down the Huangpu River)

 (Shops surrounding the Yu Garden)

(View from Huxinting Teahouse)

 (Huxinting Teahouse - Blossoming tea and hard boiled eggs and tofu snacks)

 (Bruised pork in a sweet bbq style sauce)

(Soft crab meat)

(Cold chicken starter covered in a sweet liqueur)

Have you visited Shanghai before? Would you recommend any other places to visit? Any questions about my experience in Shanghai?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


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  1. WOW Shanghai looks beautiful! and the food!.. wonderful really :D
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