Sunday, 7 June 2015

#2 Etsy Shops You Need To Follow

I love browsing Etsy to find new and unique shops and as a fellow creative I can't stress enough how important it is to support the creative community and the talented artists that form Etsy. I only wish I had more money to purchases all these beautiful pieces myself - but for the time being here are my favorites this month!


Ohhio sells a beautiful range of woolen products from scarves to blankets. Anna uses a wool from the Australian merino sheep, which is what gives the thick stitch look but also very light. You only have to look at these to see they radiate quality. I really hope I manage to save up for one of these beauties in the future!

Confetti Riot Shop 

Confetti Riot produces unique handcrafted homeware items with a beautiful combination of organic and graphic patterns. One of the things that really drew me to Kathryn's work was the way she uses modern but very calming colours. If I had it my way I would fill my home with her pillows and ceramics.


Lambater is a homemade lighting shop run by Grego who you can see by his work is hugely inspired by vintage styles. His passion for vintage has led to him collecting old lamps and parts to create a recycled masterpiece.

I have to be honest, until I moved out for the first time I never really had an interest in lighting. But as soon as you move out something snaps in your head and you suddenly because obsessed with homeware. I never realised how creative you could get with lighting until I started making massive wish lists filled with home decor. This shop in particular has been in my wish lists many times - i'm just obsessed with these unique lamps! 



  1. Great post! Etsy can be so difficult to navigate, there are so many shops now. I'm just like you though - as soon as I moved into my own place, I became obsessed with home-ware which I NEVER thought would happen. I'll definitely check these store out!! xx

  2. Thank you so much for the feature in your great site and for your comments upon my work.

    All the best


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