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Bloggers Food & Drink Festival

I'm sure if you hang out on Twitter a lot you would have seen many bloggers getting pumped up and excited about The Bloggers Hub Food & Drink Festival event last Monday - and I was one of them!

This was my first blogger event I had been to where I was a blogger (all the other times i've been working at the event) so i'll admit I was a bit nervous at first! But i'm sure we've all been there and there's a first time for everything. But once I started chatting, the nerves just disappeared - then the fun began!

So as you can imagine, when you go to a food & drink event you're going to have a lot of yummy samples and sometimes they're not all as fantastic as they promote themselves to be or maybe just not to your personal taste. But I swear I went to every stand at this event and everything I tried was DELICIOUS. And to make things even better, all the representatives of the brands were so lovely and really helpful with giving tips and information about the products.

Here are just a few of the brands that really stood out to me:

The Good Brownie co.

The first impression I got was how amazing the brownies smelt at the stand. I think I was hooked by that alone. But once I started having a chat I found out that all the brownies are actually wheat and gluten free! I think a lot of people have the idea that when food is wheat and gluten free that it will taste different or maybe not as nice. But trust me when I say this. They taste way better then any brownies i've ever had! 
Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures of the samples the same night and then on Tuesday I wasn't well so I didn't get around to it until now. That's 2 days after getting my brownie sample. I thought it would have dried out by now like most brownies, but I just took a bite and it's so soft, gooey and fresh! They also offer sugar and dairy free, vegan and protein options so they really are for everyone. 
Go order yourself some now (you won't regret it) or even find The Good Brownie co at these upcoming events


I would have taken a picture of the adorable little muffins that Sukrin was giving out at the event...but within seconds of getting home my boyfriend had eaten them! But from the noises he was making, I think they tasted pretty damn good!
I did have a great chat with the Sukrin representative at the event and the main thing I got from it was how passionate these guys are about their products. They really care about food and quality! If you have a sweet tooth and just love to bake these guys will be your heaven. They have a huge range of products that are all-natural with zero calorie sugar alternatives, naturally gluten-free and fat-reduced flours and low-carb, sugar and gluten-free easy to bake mixes.
So check out their website, you can order all of their yummy products online!

Mallow and Marsh

This was one of the brands I had heard of already and had seen their products in shops but I had never actually tried - but I was itching to! I'm not personally a fan of factory made marshmallows, I always think the taste and texture isn't right and tastes a bit...plasticy? But Mallow and Marsh are on a whole different level. When you try them you'll notice how light, bouncy, gooey and fresh they taste! Unlike most marshmallows, these gooey cubes of heaven have no additives or preservatives and are made with 100% natural ingredients. Mallow and Marsh say "We make creamy bundles of gooey deliciousness" and that really is the truth! They also have some kick ass recipes to try using their products, check it out here
You can order online and find them in Sainsbury's, Whole Foods, Coffee Republic, and East of England Co Op - Enjoy!


When I first saw this product I was really interested because i've never heard of maple water before... I was a bit sceptical at first, I thought it would taste SUPER sweet and be like taking medicine as a kid. But I was pleasantly surprised! I guess when you see the words 'maple' you instantly think of the thick sweet syrup - this is nothing like that. 
I tried it chilled like it recommends and it's actually really refreshing! A very subtle maple flavour and not sickly or overpowering in anyway! To make things better, it is a nature drink (No added Sugar or Preservatives, it's Gluten Free, dairy Free, Vegan and Non GMO) and has benefits like 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, electrolytes and prebiotics! Boy that sounds like a good drink right?! 
You can find all the locations Wahta is sold here.

Speculaas Spice

The first thing you will notice with Speculaas Spice is the amazing smell! For some reason it first made me think of that fresh cooked brownie smell...but spicy? At the event they were giving out these cute little biscuits that made been made with the Speculaas Spice mix in the adorable wooden moulds they also have available for purchase with the spices. To make things even better, all the products are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives as well as being either organic, Fairtrade sourced or both!
But back to the spice mix biscuit....which was incredible, imagine a ginger biscuit but way better. And the great thing about these spices is that you don't have to stick to any rules. Don't like biscuits? That's cool! Apparently this mix works wonders in a tagine or a curry too.
And there are loads of recipes you can try out here.

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think? What were your favorites? Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


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  1. Soooo embarrassing but I haven't heard about this. Sounds like so much fun! I wish I could've been there I live so far away #caribbeanblogger :)!
    Jade x


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