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Travel Tips - Austin

A bit of a late post (sorry about that, it's been in my drafts for ages and I haven't had a chance to finish it) but in May this year I went to Austin with my work for a few days to visit our US offices. So here are all the cool things I saw and experiences while I was out there and out of office hours - Enjoy!

First of all, if you're heading to Austin be prepared for all the meat and massive portions. It's like nothing i've ever seen before...And on the second day there we all went on a food tour! Heart attack waiting to happen I know. But you have to think of it this way; this food isn't like Mc Donalds and processed, it's fresh local meat, veg, fish! 

Via 313 Pizzeria (I think that was the name anyway...)

I can't remember the name of this pizza place but I think it might have been Via 313 Pizzeria? Anyway, the pizza flavors were great, but i'll be honest i've tasted better. But it all depends on what type of pizza you like really. I prefer thin stonebaked pizza, but this was really heavy thick pizza - I could only manage one slice... So if you love thick crust pizza you will LOVE this place. And the huge selection of beers (as you can see from the picture) plus a lovely outdoor seating area really tops it off.

Freedmon's BBQ

This is where I got my fill of meat (I had to take my belt off completely!) but my god it was worth the massive belly. We had a selection of things that we shared at the table like the brisket which was cooked to perfection. The brisket is so tender, it literally just falls apart when you try and pick it up! And it's coated in pepper and something else (not sure what it was) but it complimented it so well. Added to that it's served with a assorted house-made pickles, barbecue sauce, and
focaccia bread - YUM! We also had a few sides like the horseradish potato salad and the grilled cabbage slaw which really helped balance out all that meat. Hungry yet?

Hey!… You gonna eat or what?

I think this food truck was in a food trailer park near Barton Springs? I didn't know what to expect when we pulled up but we got what the owner calls a 'The Shiner Monte Cristo' sandwich which doesn't look that great in the picture above but I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you're going to Barton Springs! It's pretty much a deep fried sandwich. Sounds horrible right? Well you'd be wrong my friend. This was surprisingly light and the ham, turkey and cheese filling worked so well with the homemade cherry and fig jelly.

Odd Duck

I guess Odd Duck was the poshest restaurant I went to while I was in Austin and the food was amazing but by this point of the food tour I just couldn't stuff anymore in! So I tasted everything but didn't eat much really. So some of the things we tried and are in the photos above were the 'Goat lasagna, spinach, bechamel and brussels sprouts', the 'Grilled pompano, rhubarb salsa, bok choy and sumac' and both of these were delicious. And then for dessert we had 'Avocado ice cream with sesame seeds' which in my opinion wouldn't have worked without the sesame seeds. We also shared some 'strawberry, jasmine and rhubarb cream puffs' which I actually prefered to the ice cream, which is weird because I don't normally like strawberry jam. 


Shiner's Saloon

So we was on the way home late one night, desperately trying to find somewhere to get some food. We saw this door with arrows saying food...great! We went up a narrow flight of stairs and had no idea where it was leading us (it really didn't look like somewhere to get food from) and we started regretting our choice. Then we found ourselves in this stereotypical southern bar with the most talented country singer i've ever heard! It was a fantastic experience and we ended up staying for ages just for the music. So if you go to Austin, late one night, go to a country bar and listen to some talented artists - you won't regret it!

Have you visited Austin before? Would you recommend any other places to visit? Any questions about my experience in Austin?
Let me know in the comment box below, i'd love to hear from you!


  1. Oh my gosh. Austin was on my list of places to visit mainly for a Friday Night Lights tour. Now it's on my list for the food!

  2. Oh dear !!!! Lots of food! They honestly look delicious although it's a bit weird saying that as I'm kind of on the vegan road but hey I'm human and I can say that right?.. anyway :P Austen looks great :D Jade x


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